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Dreams of Beauty: the Exhibition of Alla Lipatova and Nikolay Reznichenko at Rakov Gallery, Yekaterinburg
by Rakov Gallery Art, 2020

For Nikolay Reznichenko and Alla Lipatova, popular among St. Petersburg art connoisseurs, this is the first exhibition at Rakov Gallery in Yekaterinburg. The exhibition presents paintings made by artists mainly in the period from 2018 to 2020. Nikolay Reznichenko in his paintings experiments with the techniques of depicting flexible figures of acrobats, dancers and lovers. The artist seeks to convey both their mental and bodily movement. The rhythm of their gestures and bodies is expressive, but the gaze is always elusive, the eyelids are lowered. This technique provides the viewer with the opportunity to identify with the characters in the paintings and to live the plots of these works.

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