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Current Online Exhibition
'Stargates To Eternity'
1 -31 January 2020

Pejman Ebadi was born in Tehran, Iran 1982, at the height of the Iran-Iraq war. At the age of two, his family fled the war stricken homeland to find refuge in France. At only four years old, Pejmanís father discovered his precocious gift for painting and encouraged him to express himself freely without any particular guidance. Without formal art education, the young Pejman taught himself by studying works of major 20th century artists. His first exhibition was when he was six years old and since 1990, he has held more than fifty solo exhibitions throughout North America and Europe. Pejman now lives and works in Nice.

Pejman is an improvisational artist, working straight onto his canvases without planning what the finished piece will be. The blank page compels him to create form and colour, drawing them out of instinct. With each stab in the dark, the artist mesmerises us with the unseen things that lurk below the surface. Spanning over two decades, the artistís wildly diverse style encompasses scrawling angry creatures, sun-striped horizons, withered swastikas and voodoo symbols. The gods and goddesses of mythology battle out their wars on canvas; their bad tempered dragons and slack-jawed totems menace the bright Aztec colours. Bringing his compositions to life with fierce graffiti, this young Picasso-Basquiat is surely a force to be reckoned with.

Hay Hill Gallery thanks Janet Rady for the introduction of Pejman Ebadi.


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