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Nikolay Reznichenko
by Alexander Smoljaninov, 2014

Nikolay Grigorievich Reznichenko was born in 1958 in the Saratov region, the village of Ershov. After graduating from the school in Slavyansk in the Kuban, he entered the nautical school in Kerch, followed by service in the army (Kiev), then study at the art school in Krasnodar. In Kostomuksha (Karelia), where Nikolay lived since 1982, he worked at a construction site, and later taught painting and graphics in an art circle. Since 1989 he has been living and working in St. Petersburg.

(Musical accompaniment: P. Mikhailov, jazz orchestra of the All-Union radio, conductor A. Tsfasman - 'I am not saying goodbye').

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